3/13/2019: Update from National Vessel Documentation Center

In this post, the National Vessel Documentation Center discusses impacts of the partial government shutdown on its operations and provides instructions for renewing CODs or requesting other services.

3/12/2019: MSIB 03-19 – Guidance on Certificate of Documentation delays

The Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance issued MSIB 03-19 to provide guidance for mariners who have been affected by delays in the time necessary for the National Vessel Documentation Center to issue Certificates of Documentation.

12/21/2018: UPDATE – Recreational vessels and multi-year COD renewals

This post provides additional information regarding the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018 and the provision that allows recreational vessel Certificate of Documentation holders to select a multi-year renewal.

12/17/2018: Recreational vessels and 5-year COD renewals

This post provides information from the National Vessel Documentation Center about a provision in the Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2018 that provides recreational certificate of documentation holders the ability to select a multi-year renewal during an implementation period that runs from Jan. 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2021.

11/16/2017: Change of address requirement for Certificate of Documentation holders

The National Vessel Documentation Center issued a notice reminding managing owners of the requirement to submit a change of address to NVDC within 10 days, according to 46 CFR 67.113(e).

9/20/2017: Vessel documentation regulations-technical amendments

The amendments make non-substantive edits to align Coast Guard regulations with current vessel documentation statutes, correct typographical errors, and align procedural requirements with current Coast Guard practice. This final rule is effective Sept. 20, 2017.

8/15/2017: Direct mail and change of address requests for renewed Certificates of Documentation

This post announces that as of Sept. 1, 2017, all CODs will be mailed directly to the managing owner of record. The post also provides new methods for submitting a change of mailing address to the National Vessel Documentation Center.

6/26/2017: Nat’l Vessel Documentation Center website transition effective June 29, 2017

NVDC’s website will transition to a new platform effective June 29, 2017.

4/21/2017: Vessel documentation application priority handling criteria

NVDC provides instructions and information for vessel owners to request expedited processing of vessel documentation applications.

3/9/2017: Processing error may result in duplicate applications

The NVDC posted a notice on its website that a processing error may result in duplicate Applications for Renewal in March.

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