9/6/2018: Merchant Mariner Examination Working Group Update

The National Maritime Center is seeking individuals to participate in the engineer exam review working group, which is scheduled to meet November 6-8 in Dania Beach, Florida.

6/25/2018: Nat’l Maritime Center issues instructions regarding STCW Polar Code

The National Maritime Center posted a bulletin to its website with amplifying information regarding Policy Letter 02-18, “Guidelines for Qualifications of Personnel for Issuing STCW Endorsements for Basic and Advanced Polar Code Operations,” which published in the Federal Register June 22, 2108.

6/21/2018: Changes to Inland Navigation Rules

The National Maritime Center posted a bulletin to its website to ensure that mariners and training providers are aware of changes to the Code of Federal Regulations, 33 CFR Subchapter E – Inland Navigation Rules. This change, advertised in the Federal Register Jan. 24, 2018, removed the word “danger” from rule 34. This post provides details about the change.

6/4/2018: National Maritime Center announces implementation of new CG-719 form series

These new forms may be obtained electronically in a PDF fillable format at the NMC’s website. The Coast Guard will not stock the CG-719 series of forms in paper format.

5/2/2018: Audio file of merchant mariner Medical Certification webinar available on line

In March, the U.S. Committee on the Maritime Transportation System hosted a webinar on the Medical Certification process that is part of the merchant mariner credential. National Maritime Center’s commanding officer Capt. Kirsten Martin and Chief of the Medical Evaluations division Dr. Laura Torres-Reyes had the opportunity to address the upcoming changes in the merchant mariner medical certification and take questions from webinar participants. CMTS recently posted the audio recording of the webinar on its website. In this post, Maritime Commons is sharing the link for our readers who are interested in the subject or who were unable to participate.

4/2/2018: Homeport course completion uploads

The National Maritime Center posted a notice to its website that training provider course completion data uploaded using the Homeport application may not be processing properly. The cause is under investigation. In this post, NMC is providing steps mariners and training providers may take to ensure course completion data is properly documented, until a permanent solution is reached.

3/8/2018: Merchant mariner credential and medical certificate harmonization

The National Maritime Center posted a notice to its website announcing that mariners will be allowed to request harmonized expiration dates of their Merchant Mariner Credential and Medical Certificate.

3/6/2018: Webinars hosted by U.S. Committee on Maritime Transportation System

The webinars are scheduled for March 12 and March 14, and will cover upcoming changes in the merchant mariner medical certification, and Federal, State, and local resources that can assist employers in finding, hiring, and training veterans in the maritime transportation industry.

2/6/2018: Direct submission of medical certificate applications to the NMC

Beginning Feb. 1, 2018, mariners may submit medical certificate only applications (CG-719K and CG-719KE forms) directly to the National Maritime Center. Regional Exam Centers will continue to accept medical certificate applications.

1/16/2018: IGF Code and Polar Code implementation updates

The IGF Code and Polar Code each outline training requirements found in STCW amendments. The National Maritime Center has been and will continue to evaluate courses and issue letters attesting to the conformance of the course content with the training guidance in policy letters CG-OES 01-15 and CG-OES-01-16. Regulations may be published in the future to implement the IGF and Polar Code training requirements. Until then, the policy letters will remain in force and provide the applicable guidance regarding compliance with the STCW amendments. At this time the NMC will not be issuing endorsements to mariners completing the requirements contained in the policy letters.

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