2/17/2016: Collection of information under review by the Office of Management and Budget – Merchant mariner credential, medical certificates and other mariner documents

The Coast Guard seeks comment on the collection process for information regarding merchant mariner credential, medical certificates and other mariner documents.

1/8/2016: Merchant mariner credential and medical certificate application submittal

The National Maritime Center reminds mariners that applications for merchant mariner credentials, medical certificates and supporting documentation must be submitted to a regional exam center, not directly to the NMC or other Coast Guard offices.

11/24/2015: Merchant Mariner Medical Advisory Committee’s Response to Task Statement I – Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular 04-08 revision

The Coast Guard published changes to NVIC 04-08 which the Coast Guard uses in making decisions on mariner credentialing

10/26/2015: Offshore supply vessels, towing vessel and barge engine rating watches

The Coast Guard published a direct final rule allowing oilers serving on certain offshore support vessels, towing vessels and barges to be divided into at least two watches and increase the sea service credit affected mariners are permitted to earn for each 12-hour period of work from one day to one and a half days.

5/22/2015: A personal thank you to mariners on National Maritime Day

In honor of National Maritime Day, the Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy, with oversight of Coast Guard mariner credentialing, thanks maritime professionals for their contributions.

4/7/2015: Distant water tuna fleet manning exemption

The Coast Guard announces the availability of an updated policy letter entitled, “Distant Water Tuna Fleet Vessels Manning Exemption Guidance” to provide revised guidance on procedures for requesting and issuing a Manning Exemption Letter.

2/18/2015: Medical waivers for merchant mariner credential applicants

The Coast Guard seeks comment on its proposed rule regarding medical waivers for merchant mariner credential applications with the following conditions: Cardiomyopathy, Diabetes Mellitus, Narcolepsy or Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

10/8/2014: Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee vacancy announcement

The Coast Guard is seeking application for six positions on the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee.

9/18/2014: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget- Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Mariner

The Coast Guard invites comments from shipping companies, masters or individuals in charge of a vessel on the Certificate of Discharge to Merchant Mariner, form CG-718A.