1/23/2017: 2017 Light List now available

The Coast Guard Navigation Center released 2017 Light List products.

1/11/2016: 2016 Light List now available

Coast Guard Light Lists are a means for communicating aids to navigation information to the maritime public. The last government printed Light Lists were the 2014 editions.

1/7/2016: 2016 Light List volumes

The 2016 Light List volumes are now available.

4/1/2015: Light Lists – Changes in distribution methods

The Coast Guard is no longer producing printed Light Lists volumes but will continue to publish electronic versions and make them available free of charge, updated weekly, by means of the Internet.

1/9/2014: Release of 2015 Light Lists

The 2015 Light Lists have been published and are now available for download.

7/23/2014: Marine safety information data pilot project

The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center started a marine safety information data download pilot project to provide data to the public.