4/3/2017: New Vessel Identification Verification Service available today

The Coast Guard’s NAVCEN launched a new online tool today that allows the maritime industry to verify compliance with AIS requirements.

4/21/2016: Most commercial vessels required to have AIS

The Coast Guard is expanding Automatic Identification System (AIS) requirements to include additional commercial vessels.

4/7/2016: Vessel requirements for Notices of Arrival and Departure and Automatic Identification System information collection

The Coast Guard published a final rule announcing today (April 7, 2016) as the effective date for the collection-of-information associated with automatic identification system requirements from a final rule published on January 30, 2015.

3/16/2016: Updates from the Coast Guard’s Navigation Center

Read an update from the Navigation Center’s commanding officer on operations and 2016 agenda items for NAVCEN.

10/23/2015: Information collection request to the Office of Management and Budget – Enhanced maritime domain awareness

The Coast Guard seeks comment on the approval of a revision to a currently approved collection for enhanced maritime domain awareness via electronic transmission of vessel transit data.

8/11/2015: New AIS Encoding Guide posted

The Coast Guard posted an Automatic Identification System Encoding Guide to assist in meeting international and domestic regulations that require mariners maintain each AIS in effective operating condition.

4/20/2015: 33 CFR 160 Compliance for Schema 3.4 submitters

The National Vessel Movement Center announced today that it is scheduled to release Schema version 3.5 on May 26, 2015.

4/1/2015: Vessel requirements for notices of arrival and departure and Automatic Identification System

The Coast Guard published a correcting amendment to a final rule expanding the applicability of NOAD and AIS requirements and make related amendments regarding AIS.

2/19/2015: Cooperative research and development agreement – Western Rivers e-AtoN technology demonstration

The Coast Guard announces its intent to enter into a cooperative research and development agreement to prepare for a demonstration of electronic navigation technology to be conducted by the Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

1/30/2015: Vessel requirements for notices of arrival and departure and automatic identification system

The Coast Guard is expanding the applicability of NOA and AIS requirements to include more commercial vessels.

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