6/6/2017: Safety alert 06-17 Fuel Spray Fire – Déjà Vu

The Office of Investigations and Analysis issued Safety Alert 06-17 to warn mariners of the risks associated with fuel spray. This safety alert addresses yet another fuel spray fire onboard a commercial vessel. These types of incidents, involving fuel leakages […]

4/7/2017: Safety Alert 03/17 – The dangers of counterfeit parts

A recent inspection revealed evidence of falsely identified fasteners being used as part of the drive train system. Several installed bolt heads separated from their shanks and, as a result, a splined hub coupling loosened and disconnected from the reduction gear / transmission.

3/28/17: Safety alert – Indications of chemical reaction and destruction of aluminum plating

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 01-17 to remind vessel owners and operators to consider all hazards related to chemical spills. In addition to potential health risks to personal involved with routine handling and clean up of spills, there is also the potential for adverse chemical reactions with vessel components, construction materials, and other items onboard.

3/28/17: Safety alert – Failure to follow stove/oven installation instructions

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 02-17 to inform those that may lease and occupy portable accommodation modules on board fixed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) platforms. A recent Coast Guard investigation into a fire onboard one of these platforms revealed the manufacturer of the module (a combination galley and mess deck) had improperly installed a commercial grade electric stove. As a result, the Coast Guard strongly recommends that owners and operators having similar portable accommodations ensure that all commercial grade stoves and ovens are installed with the proper clearances to prevent ignition of combustible materials.

7/20/2016: Safety alert: Routine lifejacket inspections

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to remind all vessel operators to routinely inspect their lifejackets to ensure they are suitable for service. Recently Coast Guard inspectors discovered over 60 lifejackets that were required to be removed and destroyed. It was discovered that the unicellular foam buoyant material within the nylon outer shell had degraded significantly over time, broke apart, crumbled and in some instances was reduced to dust. The lifejackets were properly stored, kept dry, and not under direct sunlight; however, the location was very hot at times.

6/10/2016: Safety alert – Federal safety requirements for vessels carrying paying passengers

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to raise awareness regarding federal safety requirements for vessels carrying any paying passengers onboard a vessel on navigable U.S. waters.

5/20/2016: Safety alert – distress signals

The Coast Guard issued marine safety alert 04-16, which withdraws the certificate of approval for NAMMO LIAB AB Orange Hand Smoke Distress Signal.

4/25/2016: Safety alert – Recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBS

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to inform that Kannad Marine has issued a recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBs due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations.

4/4/2016: Safety alert – Vibration abrasion

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to address causal factors related to a temporary loss of electrical power.

1/19/2016: Safety alert – Global navigation satellite systems

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to warn mariners of the potential detrimental impact to navigation caused by GPS interference, or jamming, and the importance of understanding how vessel or facility equipment could be impacted by the loss of a GPS signal.

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