6/13/2018: Recording of Subchapter M webinar available online

Coast Guard members from the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance were recently invited to participate in an American Waterways Operators webinar aimed at helping towing vessel owners and operators better understand the process of obtaining Certificates of Inspection under Subchapter M regulations. Cmdr. Jennifer Hnatow and Mr. Erik Johnson, both from the Domestic Vessel Compliance Division, were on hand to address AWO members’ questions about compliance, enforcement, and the certification process.

2/21/2018: Towing industry safety statistics for 2016

The Coast Guard, in partnership with the American Waterways Operators, released the National Quality Steering Committee’s annual safety report. The report contains freight carrying towing industry data and measures for calendar years 1994 to 2016.

8/23/2017: Coast Guard-American Waterways Operators National Quality Steering Committee meeting

The Coast Guard-American Waterways Operators Safety Partnership held its National Quality Steering Committee meeting Aug. 2, 2017 to discuss safety issues and other topics affecting the towing industry. Maritime Commons attended the meeting and is providing a summary of the discussions and key takeaways.