2/2/2018: Coast Guard members speaking at LNG & Alternative Fuels Symposium

Coast Guard members will be participating in several panel sessions during the LNG & Alternative Fuels Symposium in Seattle, Feb. 8, 2018. Maritime Commons will bring post-conference coverage to our readers who are unable to attend and we invite you […]

2/2/2018: Don’t wait to schedule your towing vessel’s initial COI inspection

From the desk of Capt. Matt Edwards, chief, Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance On July 20, 2018, towing vessel owners and operators will be responsible for ensuring that their vessels comply with the provisions of 46 CFR Subchapter M. As […]

1/30/2018: U.S. Maritime Alert 2018-002A – Insurgency in the Port of Aden, Yemen

A U.S. Maritime Alert was issued Jan. 29, 2018, warning mariners about possible increased insurgent activity in the city of Aden.

1/26/2018: Guidance regarding ‘Approval to Test’ letters and grandfathering

The National Maritime Center issued a notice to assist mariners who are trying to determine, from their Approved to Test letter, whether they will be testing under the previous or current regulations.

1/23/2018: Notice of Arrival and Departure Schema 3.4 to be discontinued

NOAD Schema 3.4 is missing required information fields and will no longer be supported. Any submitted NOAD form utilizing Schema 3.4 after the retirement date will be rejected.

1/22/2018: Coast Guard remarks on autonomous vessels at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting –

Capt. Benjamin Hawkins, chief of the Office of Design and Engineering Standards, participated in the panel session “Autonomous Vessel Operations and Potential Implications for Safety” during the 97th Annual Transportation Safety Board meeting in Washington, DC, Jan. 7-11, 2018. This post offers a condensed version of his remarks, which focused on the regulatory perspective regarding autonomous vessels, for our readers who were unable to attend.

1/19/2018: U.S. Maritime Alert 2018-001A-Threatening approaches in Southern Red Sea

As a courtesy to our readers, Maritime Commons is sharing the content of U.S. Maritime Alert 2018-001A issued Jan. 18, 2018, to inform mariners of two suspicious maritime incidents reported in the Southern Red Sea in the past two weeks.

1/19/2018: Summary of Congressional testimony on the state of U.S. flag maritime industry

Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy Rear Adm. John Nadeau testified Jan. 17, 2018, before the House Coast Guard & Maritime Transportation Subcommittee, during a hearing on the state of the U.S. flag maritime industry. Testifying alongside Nadeau was Maritime Administrator Rear Adm. Mark “Buz” Busby, U.S. Navy (Ret.). Nadeau’s verbal remarks focused on the Coast Guard’s responsibility to protect the 25,000 mile marine transportation system that supports 250,000 American jobs and $4.5 trillion of economic activity every year.

1/18/2018: Coast Guard testing new delivery method for marine safety information

As the primary federal agency responsible for providing Maritime Safety Information to mariners, the Coast Guard is testing an information delivery method to bring mariners Broadcast Notice to Mariners, Maritime Safety Information Bulletins and other Marine Safety Information currently available only through VHF-FM marine band radio.

1/17/2018: 2018 Light List now available

The following, newly released 2018 Light List products are available from the Navigation Center website: •The 2018 Light List (PDF) •The Weekly Updates to the 2018 Light Lists (PDF and XML) •The Summary of Corrections (PDF) If you have questions, […]

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