6/5/2017: How are we doing?

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5/2/2017: US-Canadian personal flotation device task group meeting recap

This post provides a brief recap of a UL Standards Technical Panel task group meeting held in April at Coast Guard Headquarters to address safety standards for personal flotation devices aboard commercial vessels.

3/28/17: Safety alert – Failure to follow stove/oven installation instructions

The Coast Guard issued Marine Safety Alert 02-17 to inform those that may lease and occupy portable accommodation modules on board fixed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) platforms. A recent Coast Guard investigation into a fire onboard one of these platforms revealed the manufacturer of the module (a combination galley and mess deck) had improperly installed a commercial grade electric stove. As a result, the Coast Guard strongly recommends that owners and operators having similar portable accommodations ensure that all commercial grade stoves and ovens are installed with the proper clearances to prevent ignition of combustible materials.

1/31/2017: Changes to Navigation Center website

The Coast Guard Navigation Center has implemented a small but important change to its website address.

8/19/2016: Proceedings magazine – Update to distribution schedule

To better serve its readership, the Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council magazine will transition to three printed editions annually.

8/5/2016: Summer 2016 edition of Proceedings now available!

The Coast Guard released the summer 2016 edition of Proceedings.

8/2/2016: Marine Safety Manual Volume II, Change 2 now available

The Coast Guard announces the availability of the updated Marine Safety Manual Volume II, COMDINST M16000.7B, Material Inspection, Change Two. MSM Volume II establishes marine safety policies on international conventions and U.S. statutes and regulations relating to material inspection of domestic and foreign commercial vessels.

7/22/2016: Final Rule – Harmonization of Standards for Fire Protection, Detection and Extinguishing Equipment.

The Coast Guard published a final rule on the Harmonization of Standards for Fire Protection, Detection and Extinguishing Equipment. This rule is the fifth installment of the Coast Guard’s effort to update its regulations to reflect advances in technology and to harmonize its regulations with national and international consensus standards. These changes should afford greater safety while giving the marine industry clearer direction, more flexibility, and more cost-effective fire protection.

3/17/2016: U.S. Regulations, salvage and marine firefighting – Verification and improving capability

This post provides information on the Coast Guard’s role in vessel planning for salvage and marine firefighting response and an update regarding current activity related to implementation of recent salvage and marine firefighting regulations.

7/28/2015: IMO Polar Code background and update from Arctic symposium

Read a summary of remarks from a Coast Guard Polar Code expert at a recent symposium. Highlights include the Polar Code boundary, standards for ice strengthening, Polar Water Operations Manual, challenges in polar waters and Arctic marine casualties.

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