8/9/2017: Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise Field Notice 01-17: Exhaust Gas Cleaning System Short-term Temporary SOx Exceedances

Field Notice 01-17 provides Coast Guard expectations for dealing with alarms from EGCSs, where such alarms are triggered by short-term temporary emission exceedances due to predictable operations of vessels, such as engine load changes. Field Notice 01-17 is intended for vessels operating in the U.S. portion of the North American Emission Control Area (ECA) and the U.S. Caribbean Sea ECA.

7/20/2017: Rear Adm. Thomas signs first QUALSHIP 21 certificates with E-Zero designation

The new E-Zero designation is part of the QUALSHIP 21 program, whereby ships are further recognized for achieving a high level of environmental compliance and sustained performance. Approximately 15 percent of existing QUALSHIP 21 ships will receive the E-Zero designation.

6/6/2017: Cruise Ship National Center of Expertise spring newsletter available online

The newsletter serves to provide useful information on national and international policies as well as highlight success stories, best practices and achievements in the field.

6/5/2017: How are we doing?

We want to hear from you if Maritime Commons is meeting your expectations and bringing you all the relevant Coast Guard information you need. Use the ‘submit ideas’ tab on the right or post in comment section.

5/3/2017: New issue of ‘Drill Down’ available

In this issue of the Drill Down, the Outer Continental Shelf National Center of Expertise discusses mobile offshore drilling units regulatory compliance options for foreign flagged vessels engaged in U.S. offshore activities.

4/14/2017: New E-Zero initiative will recognize exceptional compliance

E-Zero is part of the existing QUALSHIP 21 program and recognizes exceptional compliance across multiple environmental areas.

4/14/2017: 2016 Port State Control Annual Report posted

The report provides 2016 key statistics related to the enforcement of multiple international regulations.

1/31/2017: Changes to Navigation Center website

The Coast Guard Navigation Center has implemented a small but important change to its website address.

9/15/2016: Requirements for vessels with registry endorsements or foreign-flagged vessels that perform certain aquaculture support operations

The Coast Guard promulgated a final rule amending 46 CFR subchapter I — Cargo and Miscellaneous Vessels.

8/19/2016: Proceedings magazine – Update to distribution schedule

To better serve its readership, the Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council magazine will transition to three printed editions annually.

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