2/23/2018: Notice of Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

The Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee (CFSAC) will meet via teleconference March 15, 2018, to discuss the Regulatory Reform tasking efforts (CFSAC task statement #01-17) and may take action to submit their report to the U.S. Coast Guard. The teleconference will be open to the public.

10/6/2017: Marine Safety Alert 11/17: Remain upright by fully understanding vessel stability

The need for operators to understand their vessel’s Stability Instructions cannot be overstated. This post provides resources and tips to help vessel operators reduce the risk of capsizing due to excessive icing or weight, vessel conversions or modifications, or compromised water tight integrity. Although the content is geared toward commercial fishing vessel operators, it is information that any mariner should be familiar with.

10/1/2017: Coast Guard releases Report of Investigation into loss of 33 mariners and U.S. cargo ship, El Faro

The MBI concluded that the primary cause of the casualty was the decision to navigate El Faro too close to the path of Hurricane Joaquin. As the MBI expanded the investigation to explore other contributing factors, it uncovered evidence of an ineffective safety management system within the operating company, and failures by both the Coast Guard delegated representative and the Coast Guard itself to provide effective oversight of the vessel’s compliance with safety regulations.

9/19/2017: Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee seeking applicants for membership

The Commercial Fishing Safety Advisory Committee provides advice and makes recommendations to the Coast Guard and the Department of Homeland Security on various matters relating to the safe operation of commercial fishing industry vessels. Completed applications should be submitted to the Coast Guard on or before Nov. 20, 2017.

7/13/2017: MSIB 008-17 Application of commercial fishing vessel requirements on Atlantic HMS permitted handgear vessels

MSIB 008-17 (corrected) provides guidance to highly migratory species (HMS) charter fishing vessels, the commercial fishing industry, and the Coast Guard. It represents the Coast Guard’s current interpretation on the applicability of commercial fishing vessel safety requirements and regulations for those vessels fishing for Atlantic HMS. The compliance posture outlined in the bulletin applies if the vessel/owner/operator holds ONLY an Atlantic HMS or Tunas permit.

6/5/2017: How are we doing?

We want to hear from you if Maritime Commons is meeting your expectations and bringing you all the relevant Coast Guard information you need. Use the ‘submit ideas’ tab on the right or post in comment section.

1/31/2017: Changes to Navigation Center website

The Coast Guard Navigation Center has implemented a small but important change to its website address.

1/9/2017: Release of Completed Voluntary Safety Initiatives and Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels

Today, the Coast Guard is releasing and making available the revised and completed version of the “Voluntary Safety Initiatives and Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels.” Subsequent to the release of the working version of the document in November 2016, the Coast Guard received feedback, comments, and recommendations from several fishing associations and other interested parties. Those responses were considered and incorporated into the revised version where recommended.

11/4/2016: Release of Voluntary Safety Initiatives and Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels

On July 20, 2016, Coast Guard Headquarters Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance (CG-CVC) posted a notice about the Marine Safety Information Bulletin 11-16 to provide clarifying information on stopping the development of an Alternate Safety Compliance Program (ASCP), and instead, starting the development of an Enhanced Oversight Program (EOP). Today, the Coast Guard is announcing the release and availability of the “Voluntary Safety Initiatives and Good Marine Practices for Commercial Fishing Vessels.” These good marine practices for older fishing vessels replace the ASCP and EOP voluntary safety guidelines.

8/19/2016: Proceedings magazine – Update to distribution schedule

To better serve its readership, the Proceedings of the Marine Safety and Security Council magazine will transition to three printed editions annually.

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