5/3/2016: Collection of information under review by the Office of Management and Budget – various international agreement pollution prevention certificates and equivalency documents

The Coast Guard seeks comment on the reinstatement, with change, of a previous collection for various international agreement pollution prevention certificates and documents, and equivalency documents.

4/29/2016: Final reminder – discontinued ballast water reporting form

The Coast Guard expects vessel owners and operators of vessels equipped with ballast water tanks and bound for ports or places in the United States to use the new form starting on May 1, 2016.

4/29/2016: Coast Guard works on hydrogen fuel cell high-speed passenger ferry

The U.S. Coast Guard is working with Red and White Fleet, Sandia National Laboratories, MARAD, ABS, and Elliott Bay Design Group to examine the technical and regulatory aspects of building and operating a high-speed hydrogen fuel cell passenger ferry and hydrogen refueling station in San Francisco.

4/29/2016: Merchant Mariner Personnel Advisory Committee working group

The Coast Guard published a notice announcing an upcoming Merchant Mariner Personnel Advisory Committee working group meeting. The working group will meet to discuss Task Statement 30, which asks the committee to evaluate utilizing military education, training, and assessment to satisfy national and STCW 1 credential requirements.

4/28/2016: Additional information on Coast Guard determinations about container weight requirements, verified gross mass

Today, the Coast Guard filed an equivalency with the International Maritime Organization, and released a marine safety information bulletin that provides additional information on the Coast Guard’s determinations about container weight requirements found in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS.

4/25/2016: 2016 Offshore Technology Conference – Joint USCG and BSEE panel

Give us your questions for the 2016’s Offshore Technology Conference joint speaking panel with the Coast Guard and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement. We will get them answered!

4/25/2016: Safety alert – Recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBS

The Coast Guard issued a safety alert to inform that Kannad Marine has issued a recall of all SAFELINK EPIRBs due to a possible defect that could result in the beacon not operating in emergency situations.

4/22/2016: Towing Safety Advisory Committee meeting wrap-up

Read the ‘wrap-up’ from a successful spring 2016 meeting with the Towing Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC) and the maritime community.

4/22/2016: Registration for U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council meetings

Stakeholders invited to participate in the U.S.-Canada Regulatory Cooperation Council Stakeholder meetings to identify and discuss new opportunities for regulatory cooperation between Canada and the U.S.

4/21/2016: Most commercial vessels required to have AIS

The Coast Guard is expanding Automatic Identification System (AIS) requirements to include additional commercial vessels.

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